Vintage Linen Wedding Folder With Gold Foil Stamp & Handmade Vintage Silk Ribbon


Vintage linen wedding folder with pocket holder featuring gold foil stamped monogram and handmade vintage style silk ribbon


Attractive handmade Vintage style linen wedding folder featuring gold foil stamped monogram. Our linen folder come in various colors and can be personalized and customized in size.
Enjoy high quality handmade linen invitation pocket folder that will turn your invitation cards into something very special.

Folder size: 6×7 inches
Material: 100% linen  covering thick cardboard
Feature: Pocket holder, Vintage handmade silk ribbon, gold foil stamped monogram
Usage: Wedding invitations, event invitations, couture invitations
Color: Gold foil and grey linen
Handmade: 100% handmade by Prestige Creations factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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