Zippered Monogram Embroidered Customized Hemp Cosmetic Bag


Eco friendly cosmetic bags with zippered closure, customized with monogram or logo embroideries designed by prestige Creations in Thailand.


Stylish zippered cosmetic bag design from Thailand with 100% hemp exterior, 100% cotton interior and large monogram embroidery. The bag design can be customized for our clients in terms of size and color, we offer logo embroidery, silk screen print and make all our cosmetic bag designs available in hemp, cotton, linen, silk velvet and suede fabric.

Cosmetic bag size: 4×8.5×1 inches (Any other size possible!)
Material: 100% hemp outside, inside 100% cotton
Color: Natural wheat color or in custom color
Feature: Lined with 100% cotton, handmade
Eco friendly: Made with eco friendly materials from Thailand
Rush order: We can manufacrure rush orders for events

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