Midnight blue silk invitation box for wedding invitations with wide yellow ribbon and brooch


Silk invitation box with fine padding, embellished with large golden rhinestone brooch and a very wide double faced silk ribbon.


High-end boxed wedding invitation featuring silk cover and rhinestone brooch embellishment on silk sash.

Features: padded inside and outside. Ribbon holder behind the fully padded lid inside. Fine woven faux silk inside and outside the box as well as double faced silk ribbon. Large rhinestone crystal brooch with rhinestone crystal and gold plated frame embellish this luxury wedding invitation box.
Size: The box has outer measurements of 6x6x1 inches and can be ordered in your bespoke size as well

Usage: The silk box can be used not only for wedding invitation cards but also to pack jewelry, ornaments or to mail you birthday invitations and company event invitations. We pay great attention to details so we can ensure this silk box product will amaze not only you but also all guest that will be invited to your special occasion!

Material: Faux silk. We can use Thai silk, dupioni silk, natural hemp, linen, cotton, velvet, leather and so many other materials.

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