Aqua Blue Silk Folio With Pair Brooch Rhinestone Clasp & Silver Double Faced Satin Ribbon


Thai designer of creative silk folios that are padded and covered with silk. each design has pockets for wedding and gala invitation cards and can be customized in terms of size and color by our customer. We create luxury silk invitations and folio invitations since 2006.


This wedding folder is one of our premium invitation designs. featuring silk, padding and pockets behind the doors inside. The crystal clasp will lock the doors and is one of our highlight from the wedding embellishment collection. Available in over 100 colors with various sizes. Invite your guest with this couture invitation folio in style.

Sample order: Yes
Quality: Very high quality, hand-made in our workshop
Other: Unique and original silk invitation design
Size: 6×6 inches
Material: Faux silk
Color: Silver ribbon and aqua blue silk
Style: Wedding invitation folio
Usage: Place wedding or event invitation cards inside the folder and mail them out to guest using mailing boxes (also featured on our website)
Tags: Wedding, invitation, folio, folder, couture, luxury, event, crystal

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